Monday, November 7, 2011

Nxt part ..

Monday, April 19, 2010

Summer Heat is ON

Its been more than a month since I wrote.. So many changes in place now compared to last month.. we'll finally somehow get adjusted to it no matter what.. this attitude is perhaps very good, may be the best solution one has got for everything he has to do in his life.. but then there is one more thing we can do that and that is to change the way we want :) & believe me its worth what it takes to do that.

I was rather busy and couldn't find some leisure time to pen down thoughts for a while but then I knew I would do it sometime soon.. . Had to manage lotta things @ home n work.. . It was good to talk to allmost all of near n dear ones on my B'day last month.. I was treated properly for not taking the calls in time.. ;) was workin hard really .. ;)

I was stuck up here and couldn't attend couple of functions, will plan and try to meet them very soon.. . Many more ahead hope I'll have some spare time.. .

This summer is drainin out all energy :( . Some showers a week back here in B'lore in evenings was good to beat the summer.. . Had good time though it was just short breaks in the evenings.. . This was how the weather before used to be always in B'lore and people used to love it .. .

I'm tired of this summer though long way to go yet.. I'm desparately waiting for Winter.. :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010


It is the unpredictability of life which keeps us on wheels.. No matter how small or big events happen in our life.. we always xperience somethin new, learn from them and move on..

This world is round, @times you come across similar roundabouts in your life.. though you may have turned neutral towards them in due course. You @times feel situations going out of your control though you seem to be full prepared. There are times when you just don't know whatz gonna happen next moment.

Life iz Good when you see it and feel it like a new one each day, Njoy each moment the way we want. But that is not as easy as it is said, every step you put ahead you land in troubled waters.

This life seems to be split into bits n pieces .. Couple of good times accompained with bad ones.. ofcourse thatz the way it is.. .Changing Times ..wonder how much we all have changed,our lives.. way of thinking,sharing,xpressing not sure who is correct, may be themselves in their own way.. This change alone strives out to be permanent or constant in life.

All are busy with their lives.. Busy status .. I used to think when I was small, God! they are so busy.. something very important not to be disturbed but never xpected that all of us would be into it with no time to share or express..

So many plans .. very few turn out to be successful others just don't work out the way we wanted.. . Happy for some really good ones .. some heard of others and some Njoyed by myself. Some really big decisions in life.. Happy for them and wish them many more lined ahead in their life.. :)

Hyderabad trip was good, those 3 days were really good to be with family and some time for friends.. I bet you just can't price them.. but value them. It was good to spend some time wid my cutie pie.. 'Dingri baby' thatz wht I call her and many more sweet names for my niece.. Now even she'll be away far off from India for some time.. Juz can't go n play whn I'll want to.. . Will miss them.. My elder sisz also off away from me, India.. for quite sometime now.. .It was good when she was here last year @ this time could spend some time with her and had good time with my nephew after more than a year or couple of years.. . Now he is not even that small.. goes to school, I am fascinated by the things which he understands and thinks about at this time.

Days spent managing all by yourself is tough, you learn a lot about yourself and from others around in that journey. Tiring it is, dayin and dayout to manage both @ home & @ workplace all alone..

Weekend Getaway as to be said to Mangalore was Awesome.. :) Had been planning for it since long so long that we had to change the place when it finally had to be executed ;) It was my first journey with my close friend.. Yes, the very first one.. atleast for such a far off place from where we stay.. .Journey was good and bad, waiting long tym to board the volvo was sick.. ghat section was damn horrible 4 the first time. Quiet lotta time to share,Njoy music n cute little things 2 look around was good.

Had not xpected it to be that good place xcept for the seashore.. and was not so happy about the trip that time as our friend was stuck up with work and would be spending less time with us.. but then you get along with some people that you just Njoy the time spent along with them.. It was hot .. We got tanned but we Njoyed the water sport - banana ride and beaches n that St.Mary'z Island a lot. Long drive to Udupi by bus up and down was good,memorable. We somehow planned to watch a movie and dine out, worked out well indeed.

Few not really planned but just happened brings you lot of happiness if good else lot of grief when bad.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tour Special Continued.. Last 4 Feb :)

Next day 6 th Feb,early morning,we were off to Fatehpursikri,Agra,Mathura.. .Good drive.. though it was quite sunny that day.. . Making money from tourists by cheating them is not good, we found a dhabawala who was trying to put a toppi on us.. but that toppi failed to be the correct size 4 us :). It was good to listen to radio stations.. AIR FM Rainbow.. India .. all the way while travelling.. some songs repeating.. at last we found old classic CDz .. off with them 4 rest of the journey.. .I hardly listen to them. I had not expected but I liked Fatehpursikri, felt it was a nice place.. perhaps it was good to hear the story from the guide there.. .I wish these tours were organised when we were taught History in school days.. we would have had fun while learning instead of banging our heads ;) . Agra was good,masterpiece of love, magnificient and no wonder its one among the wonders of the world.. . In Mathura we visited the temple and we were off back to Delhi.. .

My luck we were to go to a Hotel where my friend was staying :) for dinner. Infact,the whole tour plan was started by her.. somehow it so happened after a lot of differences in the itinery due to various reasons we had to change our plans but we made sure we would meet and spend sometime 2gether. It was so planned that we would meet in Manali and it was special 'coz she was to spend her B'day there.. :) . I was happy I could meet her well before.. so sad I disturbed her.. it was late.. and she had already headed to bed after a day long tiring trip.. . We were also pretty tired after having covered those beautiful places.

7 feb, we started a bit late than normal schedule as yesterday we had ended the day pretty late. We headed towards Haridwar, I was worried about the rush there 'coz of the Kumbh Mela.. but thank God it was all fine.. manageable.. . I had tough time taking holy dip in Ganges not once,twice.. thrice I had to do .. :( it was ice cold .. the water.. and the river had great force driving further ahead.. . Manasa Devi temple was good.. good in the sense I liked it 'coz the to and fro was a long rope-way .. ofcourse my first encounter with ropeway happened long back when I had gone to Vizag for an industrial visit from the College during my Engineering. The temple premisis was crowded and all so commercialized you hardly feel peace of mind there. We visited Rishikesh.. jhoolaz and were back in Haridwar for stay.

8 Feb, Started off to Manali.. whole day - journey.. had not expected it would be so long.. around 228 km ghat section.. my God .. the road never seemed to end.. My friend had called me up few days back when she had left for Delhi from Vizag.. had told I'm travelling .. travelling.. from long.. still I haven't reached.. its so far off.. I had thought how can u reach so soon you know the train is gonna reach sometime next day whatever.. but now I realized she meant this long long journey so tiring.. . She was now in Manali Njoying the snowfall .. the roads had to be cleared to make way for people to commute.

My bad luck, a huge glacier was struck in between on the way and there was no chance we could reach Manali that day. We had to change our plans stay back in Kullu for that night. Next day I just hoped somehow the road would be cleared and we would get back on track.. but alas.. we had terrible time .. were stuck.. they were still clearing that.. couple of blocks.. took the whole day.. I had nothing until we reached our resort that day.. :( We were so tensed.. narrow path.. full of traffic steep valleys.. it was difficult to move forward or backward.. fear of skidding on the roads.. it was getting late,dark, hard to predict the situation .. was horrible.. later it even started to snow.. I thanked God for our resort was located first before you could even actually enter Manali.. Last 5 Km was really scary was like what the hell are we doin here.. .

Finally reached the resort, I and my cousin got down to check-in @ the resort.. till Knee we were into snow :) My parents were in the vehicle it was hard to get that into the parking of the Resort too.. snow snow all around.. :( . We got freshed up and had good dinner :) atlast .. . I was happy that I could meet my friend on her B'day :) then spent some time playing.. were afraid of power cut as the resort was being operated on generators from past 2 days.. and finally tired .. we slept very late .. . Next day, it was sunny and all were out on roads in manali walking in snow.. evn my mom n dad :).. . It was slippery some of us had pretty good and bad fall on the ground .. . We were supposed to leave Manali 2day but we had 2 delay 'coz the road was blocked due to a big land slide.. A big rock and tree .. and they tough time blasting the rock and cutting down the tree.. . It was ON till next day afternoon .. . We started off back to Delhi @ 3 and just hoped we wouldn't get stuck anywhere else. Non-stop journey hardly any break till we reached Delhi @ around 3 AM.

We were left with Jaipur,Ajmer.. . We had to get along with another driver for the next couple of days left.. the earlier one was off .. tired.. . Streched journey. We changed the plan a little visited Ajmer Dargah halted and the next day covered Jaipur and were back in Delhi for stay.

Last day .. 14 Feb ..way back 2 B'lore by flight .. gonna b my first take off.. I had nvr travelled by flight b'fore there was no such need I had felt.. the longest journey max I had done was 12 hrs either B'lore - Hyd or Hyd - B'lore and that would be overnight by train .. pretty comfortable .. with no issues at all. This flight journey sucks I felt as U need to spend lotta time in the Airport with security,baggage ;).. may be @times more than the actual travel time. I sat by the window to have a beautiful view .. but all I could see was clouds just as heaps of cotton .. not evn hill peaks.. anything visible was just clouds.. . I Njoyed the take off and landing though .. take off- smooth.... landing- tipsy topsy.. U could feel both of them quite well .. . I was observing the wings of the plane while takeoff and landing as it was close by, just beside in fact .. so keen.. that I faced the music of it in my dream that afternoon.. similar structures.. different places.. with same mechanism extending out and enclosing.. God ! I woke up.. . I had so planned that I would be back in B'lore soon,rest a while and could just meet my other close dear friend on her B'day. It worked out well as she was busy the whole day, had her own plans and we spent some time 2gether in the evening.

Then on.. back 2 work and routine life.. but.. time just doesn't stop.. movin on.. much awaited very soon is a short trip 2Hyd month end.. :) and lot more ahead.. but nothing concrete :) Don't wanna let loose the mystery of life :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Febz First :)

I wanted to pen it down all I went through.. had not thought it would take so long to post this one.. but Alas.. Time is running and we have tough time to get along with it. Good to have few of them who keep interest in checking out what you are upto and wait for the next one eagerly.. Some curious to know the details, some afraid that I'll forget little beautiful things.. true indeed.. that is one of the reason you note them..

I wonder how much I'll be able to recollect.. these days my memory is acting crazy.. I've never been like this before.. surprised by myself offlate.. lost somewhere.. . Lot of things in your mind.. your daily schedule.. reminders.. lotta whole other stuff.. YOU seem to be nowhere.. . I had taken 6 days off from my work and planned for 10 days tour.. .Its been more than a week now that I am back to routine and found it hard to get some free time for myself..

Finally I hope I'll complete it this time.. past attempt on saturday stopped with just two lines.. had thought would complete it in the weekend but my weekend was off with other things.. weekends 4 me dez days juz pass by like seconds.. ;) this time,four lines .... off.. you are on the phone.. but I'm gonna complete it..perhaps with a dinner break in between.. :) else I can't say .. I know :) . I believe I'll be done very soon with this for sure before this month ends. Feb, though the shortest month in the year .. I have a long story.. lotta insights in2 various things indeed.

Tour Special :)

Bengaluru->Delhi by Rajdhani Express was nyc xperience.. I had never travelled so long by train.. 34 hours at a strech.. Ofcourse had carried all I wanted mobile,music,speed,playing cards,last but not the least books.. let me correct.. I just took one book .. I knew I'm not gonna read much while out to visit new places.. . I was excited about the long tour.. but then you always have somethings disturbing.. luggage and the seats turned out to be a small issue .. luggage-lotta luggage to be placed compared to space available.. seats-lower berths were preferred considering their health conditions.. . The train was full with both the North and South Indian families.. there are few differences in various aspects but then on the whole we all belong to the same family class - Humans :) and humanity drives us all 2gether. India is Great to have that Unity in this Diversity.. She has proved herself all along.

It was good to travel from Karnataka passing through many states along. Took those famous nagpur oranges.. so ripe had them all along.. :). Food was served all the way in train with short breaks I can say.. as U have nothing much to do than to Njoy all they serve.. Tea to Dinner including snacks.. good it was.. but not more than a day.. . We almost had tough time with those paratha,roti,paneer,puri-bhaji during the tour as we are used to have rice items.. . For me even rice sucks.. I always like stuff which is not so good 4 health.. and my mom is always worried how I'll keep up with my health.. but then I love fruits .. Thank God there are somethings which shez happy about :)

Finally reached Delhi early morning 6'o Clock.. . It Was a bit cold not much though.. . Good we had booked a private vehicle for the tour itinery planned and the vehical was @ our disposal. I hardly took much notice of things around.. all I observed was there was one comesum cafe not sure if I got the spelling right.. :) standing tall by the station , if not tall.. atleast the lights were glittering enough which made me have a look @ it.. My liking for caffeine is secondary ;). Soon we got into Innova which was waiting 4 us to drive us to the hotel -- Blue Sapphire.

Delhi.. was good.. I had not expected it to be that neat .. was taken aback.. . It was nice .. the street names different.. Karol Bagh, singh road etc.. .I didn't have time to check out the metro rails there. :(Traffic in the city was ok.. it had broad roads.. but traffic in the outskirts is horrible twice we were stuck in heavy traffic(only lorries all along) during the tour .. though its late night or rather can say early morning 1 A.M it was buzzing with wedding functions which added to the jam.. .

First day 5th Feb was gone in local sightseeing, 2 start with Birla Temple, India Gate was one in my much awaited list.. then Rashtrapathi Bhavan,Parliament house. Lotus temple was good.. Qutub Minar, Raj Ghat.. memorials.. then Akshardham temple to end with. Done 4 d day :)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kick Start worked I Guess :)

Ah.. Itz been a week and finally I thought time for the next one.. though I had thought I wouldn't bother of keeping it in some order. I will try my best for the next one, not to fall on saturday :) I'm not sure what I'll name this one as of now.. but I remember what I told my friend about the last one.. If ever I don't go on.. it means the fuel is over else if no next one.. then would mean kick start didn't work ;)

I had been thinking of posting something sometime before in the week and not wait so that it becomes exact a week since the last one.. but yes these daily chores and your stuff leave you so drained that you won't have patience for anything more.. .So I kept on postponing till today and now can tell you that I have no idea when the next one will be.. Hope it would be sometime soon with new things which we are always interested or curious in.. I hope it'll be something new for I'm visiting new places sometime next week which I've never been before.. and hope to have some good time with exciting stuff :)

I just thought of scribbling whatever comes in mind.. and have fun posting it just for a change.Some found it good,others were wondering why I was thinking so deeply.. . As a matter of fact we all think very deeply but may not realise it @ that time. There are many reasons or a particular reason or purpose or cause whatever you name it people turned up to blogging. Some have come up to answer others or use it as a medium through which they can reach out. Some to exhibit skills,some to share their passion.some of them just for a change or try something new :) like me.

Itz good doing small things which make you happy in your life :) These days you feel so short of time or busy with your stuff that you miss spending time on which you used to before. When you want to meet someone near or dear you don't end up meeting may be because both of you are not free at the same time :( really sad.. but yes we always have them by our side all through this life.

I want to end this short and have tried my best to avoid internet lingo. I had not expected the last one to be so long, realised it after posting. Hope this would be short and sweet :).

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kick Start To Blogging

Diz seemed to b a gud 1 to get along @ diz phase of my lyf.. Diz yr.. 2010. I mean it.. 4 all the things we go through in lyf.. a cluster of mixed feelings.. many PRICELESS, though every1 pass through them, itz very hard 2 understand whn U try 2 place urself in oders shoez or feel the same xactly @ the same moment.. very few near and dear can hardly or @ the max try their best but may go in vain.

I have juz come up wid diz .., Juz thought wud jot dwn some thoughts as itz a tough and good xperience 2 express own’s thoughts,feelings or share xperience.. tough in d sense 2 make d oder person pass through ur turmoil.. an Awesome 1.. ;) same as 1 wud face 2 understand diz shrt cutty language. But Yes.. I believe if 1z interested dey wudn’t mind 2 go thru tht xtra mile or pain.

Well, I’m happy ‘coz I’ve come up with diz.. Diz tym juz aftr readin my frndz blog.. . It waz really inspiring in its own sense.. .Thought may b a change or a difference which accounts juz not 4 d sake of every1, may b few, may b none, juz 4 Urself intended wid good meanin or purpose is in itself a Gr8 Achievement.

I had been thinkin of it since quite long tym in my lyf.. . Heard a lot abt thm.. though I haven’t taken the pain of going through them, but have read some jest in the newzpaperz, caused by the celebrity buzz.. .

Yes, but I did go through couple of my frndz blogs which had interesting stuff .. yeah.. their hobbies or their passion stuff I can say.. like sketches,paintings,poetry,articles.. was wonderin if I learn some such new stuff in this journey of lyf 2 exhibit.. but yes we all would have given it a try I meant those mentioned skills above..definetly.. 4 sure.. as I remember I had 2 go through those, some juz as a chance and some due to encouragement received, might have thought why not give it a shot. Well, if that was not the case then nothin wrong in Xperimentin now.. :)

I have no set of rules 2 follow and go on wid diz.. and feeling nyc abt it as I already hav lotz organized in my own way and lyf. Though I like stuff to be organised for many reasons as all knw, the imp. 1 bein TIME which wud b saved which many are feeling short of or in dearth of it.. and feel that they are damn busy in their own lives.. Yes evn I’m 1 among them, infact 1 in the heard iz a gud 1 2 say ;) . We become so restless if things don’t go that way.. which we expect.. though itz just a matter of expectation which we expected :). TIME is PRECIOUS no wonder, we all come out with no. of different things to make the best use of it.

Life is indeed a short 1 U feel, whn U are damn happy.. and may b the longest, whn U pass through tough times.. .U tend to get lost, of all it comprises of in itself.. . In a way, I was lost putting these thoughts in the backdrop of someonez funeral. We have to be happy with what we do and then can we spread the joy in this world.